Knoll Pharma takes great pride in its history of pharmaceutical drug development and its focus and commitment to boasting over a decade of expertise in the commerce, distribution, and logistics of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products.
As a wholesaler and distributor, we cater to approximately 200 clients monthly, encompassing hospital facilities, clinics, nursing homes, Dialysis Centers, Blood Products, and Occupational Medicine.
Our forte lies in proficient logistics and procurement across various pharmacy categories. From ethical drugs to generic drugs, from over-the-counter medications to health and beauty products, medical supplies, specialized items, and personal hygiene articles. We deliver quality service, adhering to the principles of good distribution practices (GDP), and operating from authorised warehouses.
⦁ Storage temperature range of +15/+25 degrees Celsius
⦁ Storage temperature range of +2/+8 degrees Celsius

Our Services:

Pharma Cold Chain Management (P-CCM) by Knoll Pharma

In the life science and healthcare sectors, preserving pharmaceutical integrity stands as a non-negotiable priority. Knoll Pharma's Cold Chain Management (P-CCM) seamlessly merges physical and digital elements to ensure unparalleled control, flexibility, and visibility in the transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.

Our compliant and dedicated approach guarantees meticulous handling and adherence to stringent temperature controls throughout the supply chain to empower our customer‘s focus on delivering the finest pharmaceutical services.

Medical Chain: Your Trusted Pharmaceutical Partner

Knoll Pharma stands as a premier pharmaceutical wholesale supplier, representing leading pharmaceutical companies and offering a comprehensive range of generic products. With a wholesale dealer licence approved by the “Slovak State Institute for Drug Control“, we are committed to providing top-tier wholesale and parallel trade services across all fields of medicine, ensuring the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Our portfolio encompasses a diverse array of medications, including but not limited to:

And many more

At Knoll Pharma, we prioritize reliability, quality, and affordability, ensuring that healthcare professionals and patients alike can access the medications they need with confidence and peace of mind. Trust Knoll Pharma as your dedicated partner in pharmaceutical supply.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, we have a significant presence in the field of food supplements, focusing on the production of high-quality supplements. These products are packaged in the Czech Republic before being distributed to other countries.

Furthermore, we source consumables from India and China, expanding our scope of operations and underscores our commitment to meeting diverse healthcare needs. At Knoll Pharma, we continually strive to enhance our offerings and extend our reach to serve a global clientele.


At Knoll Pharma, we procure a comprehensive range of cardiology and angiology equipment to meet diverse healthcare needs. Our inventory includes heart catheters, guiding wires, heart stents, oxygenators, and various other essential devices sourced from reputable manufacturers in India, the USA, and Germany.
Our commitment to quality and excellence ensures that healthcare professionals and institutions have access to reliable and advanced medical equipment for cardiology and angiology procedures. With a focus on precision and performance, we strive to provide the best-in-class products to support cardiovascular care worldwide. Trust Knoll Pharma for your cardiology and angiology equipment needs.
Our diverse range of medical equipment is expanded by urine and blood testing sticks and analyzers, as well as generic equipment. These products serve as reliable options for various healthcare settings.
We offer genuine equipment from renowned manufacturers such as Bayer, Siemens, and Roche. Our approach ensures that we cater to the specific needs of our customers, providing them with a choice between generic options and trusted brands.

At Knoll Pharma, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet diverse needs and challenges with tailored solutions. Simply share your requirements with us, and we'll provide you with a range of possibilities to address them in the most effective way.

Medical Help Ukraine

We are proud to be partners with the Ukraine Open Heart Charity Foundation,
providing essential medical drugs to support healthcare initiatives in Ukraine
since June 2022.

Letter Appeal: DE version & Ukraine version

Our History

The Knoll Essence and Heritage 

The Legacy of Albert Knoll
Albert Knoll, the visionary founder of Knoll AG, instilled our spirit and heritage with his unwavering commitment to innovation and addressing medical health preservation needs.

Georg Wilhelm Albert Knoll, born on June 4, 1858, in Braunschweig, was a distinguished German chemist and entrepreneur. He spearheaded the Knoll Chemical Factory, later known as Knoll AG, which he established in 1886, transforming it into a globally renowned company.

Knoll's enduring legacy continues to inspire us, driving our dedication to excellence and advancement in the medical field.

In 1886, Knoll returned to Germany and joined Max Daege's small company in Ludwigshafen am Rhein. There, he successfully scaled up the production of morphine derivatives and patented the production processes for codeine and ethylmorphine in August 1886. On October 23 of the same year, Knoll, together with his brother Hans Knoll (Secret Commercial Council) and his brother-in-law Max Daege, founded the chemical factory Knoll & Compagnie. Shortly after, Knoll developed an efficient process for producing theobromine from cocoa shells.

This breakthrough enabled the reduction of the price of the once exceedingly expensive substance to an eighth of its previous cost, making it accessible for general therapeutic use as a diuretic. In 1891, the company established its first foreign production facility in Liestal, Switzerland, earning a global reputation even before the outbreak of the First World War. Knoll served as managing director until 1925 when the company was converted into a stock corporation. He continued his involvement as a member of the supervisory board until 1938, assuming the role of chairman in 1930.
In 1948, the University of Würzburg conferred upon him an honorary doctorate (Dr. med. h.c.). The majority of Knoll AG in Ludwigshafen am Rhein was acquired by BASF in 1975. By 1982, Knoll AG had become a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF. In 2001, Abbott, the pharmaceutical company, took over BASF AG's pharmaceutical business.

Compliance, Ethics & Transparency Excellence:

Striving for excellence in compliance, ethics, and transparency constitutes the cornerstone of our daily operations. We adhere unwaveringly to high ethical standards and continually pursue excellence in all facets of our business.

  • Guided by our Code of Conduct: Our organisational culture and compliance framework revolve around our Code of Conduct, which serves as a compass for our actions. We embed compliance officers within decision-making bodies throughout the organisation. They operate with utmost independence and directly report to the Chief Responsibility Officer.
  • Corporate Digital Responsibility Framework: We have instituted a Corporate Digital Responsibility Framework to ensure that every employee upholds our company's ethical values and principles while engaging in digital activities.

In embracing these principles, we affirm our commitment to fostering a culture of integrity, accountability, and transparency.


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